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 Mississippi Digital Library

The museum now has over 550 images  in our collection on the Mississippi Digital Library at    

Free to Teachers

We have designed a set of six five-minute study guides illustrating World War II Era history.  These guides are free to teachers (including home-schoolers) who request them - as long as our supply lasts.  The guides cover the following topics:

1) Wartime Currency in Hawaii and North Africa
2) The Military's Penicillin
3) Rationing in World War II
4) United States History Depicted in The Good Conduct Medal
5) War Bonds
6) Victory Mail

Request these by calling the museum at 601-645-9000


 Camp Van Dorn WW II Museum Books 

The Museum has collected 100 of the weekly columns published in local newspapers over the past three years. Some of the columns are about the museum, some are stories about Camp Van Dorn veterans, some are about the camp itself, and others are about the war years. Most are illustrated with objects, documents, and photographs taken from museum collections. The books are spiral bound and sell for $15.00 each, plus $2.50 for postage if mailed.  Anyone who appreciates history or who has any interest in Camp Van Dorn or the museum should enjoy these brief stories.