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Camp Van Dorn World War II Museum

Whether you trained at Camp Van Dorn, or a student of history or want to honor the contribution of Van Dorn to World War II, our museum invites you to visit, contribute and share.

When you visit our museum, you will discover photos and memoribilia from Camp Van Dorn, along with items that Van Dorn's soldiers brought back from their war experiences.

At the Van Dorn Museum in Centreville, MS, our top priority is preserving a valuable piece of history. Camp Van Dorn played a key role in one of the biggest wars this country and the world has ever seen. It was a place for rigorous training for soldiers before they went on to greater challenges. For the brief time the camp was operational, it also became the back bone of Centreville.

Many soldiers have made it a priority to share their stories with the world. Visit our "Share Your Story" section to read  their stories and watch videos. Feel free to submit your own story for inclusion in our collection. Explore our site to learn more about the role played by Camp Van Dorn, as well as the 63rd and 99th Infantry.

Plan today to visit Centreville and the Camp Van Dorn Museum. We hope you will also choose to support the museum with your gifts and share your stories. 

The museum is open Monday through Friday and first and third Saturdays from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.   No admission is charged.  Donations are accepted.


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