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Questions about the Museum FAQ

How did the staff get interested in this museum?

Two reasons: 1-I was appalled to learn that our schools no longer teach World War II, and I believe that this nation should never forget what these brave soldiers endured to preserve this country and its freedom. I also believe that future generations need to be aware of what happened, so that they will not be caught unaware in the next attack. Other countries donít leave the U.S. alone because they love us Ė they leave us alone because they fear us.

2-When I observed the first visit of a veteran to this museum, I knew it was important and that I could not give up on it. It means too much to the veterans that their extreme sacrifices be remembered, and they deserve to be remembered. They are deeply moved when they visit. It is equally important to the families of veterans.

What will happen to the museum when the current volunteers are gone?

We are finding younger volunteers to replace older ones, and we are educating people about the value of preserving this history. Also, the museum is proving to be a great asset to the town of Centreville in the restoration of the building we are in and in bringing many tour groups to the town. Because of this and because every local family was involved in or affected by the camp, we believe that the local community will continue to preserve the museum through future years.

Where did the museum get its artifacts?

Veterans and their families, as well as local residents, have gifted us with the memorabilia they have cared for over the last 60 years. This is an incredible act of faith in this museum on their part and a grave responsibility for the museumís primarily volunteer staff. We take it seriously.