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63rd Infantry
The 63rd Infantry Division had its beginning at Casablanca, North Africa in January 1943. This infantry division's shoulder insignia and slogan was "Blood and Fire". The origin of this slogan came from a conference between the United States and Great Britain. These two nations in reference to the Axis powers stated "the enemy shall bleed and burn in expiation of their crimes against humanity".

June 1943 saw the activation of the 63rd Division at Camp Blanding, Florida. Initial training of the division took place at Camp Blanding. In August the Division moved to Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi to begin basic training.

The 63rd infantry was divided in December 1943, and some men alerted for overseas action. The men in the 63rd remaining at Van Dorn, were brought up to strength with replacements and received additional training.

In November 1944 the 63rd Infantry Division left Van Dorn for Camp Shanks, New York and then on to France.

The 63rd's campaigns included Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, and Central Europe. Their most famous battle was the breaking of the Siegfried Line and march across Germany.

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